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Angel Enterprises

Who are we?

Angel Enterprises is a small free lance web site design shop solely owned by Richard Engel. Richard started in the design field in 1993 when he operated a multi phone line BBS on the OS/2 operating system for Amateur Electronic Supply.

In 1995 AES launched it's first internet presence with Richard doing the design and maintenance of the single page site. Within a few months it had grown to hundreds of pages and AES began using the web site as a selling tool. A shopping cart was added a few years later.

He was approached by several other companies looking for the same kind of web site service and he slowly added several companies to his personal portfolio.

When Richard retired from AES in the beginning of 2006, it was agreed that he would continue to be responsible for the AES web sites and email system as an independent contractor. He continued maintaining that site until 2013.

At the present time Richard maintains 15 sites, some with international business and some are supporting local business as well as a few non profit sites.